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STS solutions encompass technologies from the following Vendors

For many organisations, skyrocketing data volumes have made the long-term management and preservation of data a major challenge. How can you store valuable data for decades affordably, with on-demand, anytime access and zero loss in content quality?

With Seagate® Storage Cloud—a multi-petabyte, disk-based, preservation-optimised cloud storage service, you can keep your data and digital assets intact and available or as long as you need—with no vendor lock-in—give you immediate access to archived assets, and ensure a low total cost of ownership (TCO) for long-term storage.

With Seagate Storage Cloud, you exchange in-house archiving costs and complexity for a cost-effective, outsourced service with very aggressive, straightforward pricing. You eliminate the up-front capital expenses, on-going operational costs, and management challenges of buying, building, staffing, and running an onsite, long-term data storage infrastructure. Plus, you avoid the cost and frustration of inaccurate capacity planning that leads to over or under-provisioning. With Seagate Storage Cloud pay-as-you-use pricing, you can scale storage up or down as needed.

The Seagate Storage Cloud infrastructure is located within the borders of South Africa.

STS is the Alliance partner certified to sell and maintain the local Seagate Storage Cloud infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa

EVault’s online backup and recovery solution offering extends from Edge to Core and enables organisations to protect and access business data, anytime, anywhere. The solution also ensures business continuity even in dynamic multi-platform, multi-site environments. EVault is a proven disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution that businesses all over the world trust to protect mission-critical data. Customers get secure, reliable, efficient protection and fast restores of their data without additional capital or IT expenses.

STS is the Authorised Distributor and Services Partner for Evault in Sub-Saharan Africa

Your data is your business. Customer records, personnel files, intellectual property, and financials–business information you don’t want to lose or fall into the wrong hands. But stuff happens, especially to laptops–from big disasters to small accidents.

Laptops get left in taxicabs or at airport security checkpoints with amazing regularity. They get dropped, run over and swiped from car trunks. Data gets copied using thumb drives or CDs, hard disks crash and–despite your best efforts–nasty viruses are contracted. And that’s just the small stuff! It’s enough to keep even the most stalwart IT professional awake at night. Don’t worry help is at hand.

With DatacastleRED, an integrated desktop/laptop backup and data security solution that helps control data across mobile workforces to your Data Centre or Disaster Recovery Site.

STS is the Authorised Distributor and Services Partner for Datacastle in Southern Africa