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Specialist provider of complete data management solutions

Founded in October 2004, Sithabile Technology Services (STS), a proudly empowered company, is a specialist provider of complete data management solutions, which combine industry-leading consulting and engineering expertise with appropriate hardware, software and cloud technologies. STS’ goal is to meet the requirements of South African businesses for regulatory-compliant Backup, Recovery and Archiving solutions from Edge to Core using the most advanced technologies available today.

STS offers consulting and technology architecture expertise which extends across all leading data storage technologies, including tape and disk-based platforms, end-to-end storage connectivity products, and data storage consumables, providing your business with the optimal data protection solutions. STS is committed to the quality, price competitiveness and unrivalled performance of your data storage and information protection environment.

STS is owned by the following shareholder groups

Odirile IT Holdings (Pty) Ltd. 9%
Undara Investments (Pty) Ltd. 10%
Dusty Moon Investments 66 (Pty) Ltd. 81%

We are uniquely positioned as the largest dedicated and certified edge-to-core backup, archive and recovery engineering and professional services team in the industry today. Our team comprises of over 50 highly skilled individuals with more than 400 years of related primary disk, backup, restore and archive work experience in the IT industry.

We are extremely proud of our achievements to date. From a small start-up, the company has fast grown to become a leading provider of edge-to-core storage solutions to the country’s largest private and public sector organisations.

As regulatory compliance and governance place further onus on the effective management of data, the company is well positioned to help our customers meet their primary Disk Storage, Back-up, Recovery and Archiving requirements embracing both on-premise and cloud technologies.

Sithabile Technology Services (STS) remains a leader in the innovation of storage solutions through building strong relationships with its international technology partners. The sharing of information within our exclusive and local partner agreements allow us to continually improve on our storage offerings, so as to constantly secure your company’s information.

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