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STS solutions encompass technologies from the following Vendors

Prestigio is a multinational company that creates consumer electronics and home & car accessories. Operating in the market for over a decade, the company`s business model focuses on offering luxury and cutting-edge technologies aimed at competing with the high-end market. Prestigio is a fast-growing and well-established international brand represented in 32 offices and sold in 70 countries and is increasingly ranked among the most regarded brands in emerging markets across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region.

STS is Prestigio’s sole distribution and services partner for Sub-Saharan Africa

CANYON is a cheerful, young and dynamic lifestyle brand that thrives to make life more comfortable by offering a wide range of practical, easy-to-use and affordable IT-related consumer electronics and computer peripherals to the many people. This principle is at the heart of the brand and our daily business activities globally. Founded in 2003, Canyon is one of the world’s fastest growing brands in IT-related consumer electronics in South America, Asia and the EMEA region. To guarantee an efficient supply of products, CANYON has an established network of sales offices in more than 30 countries and strategically located distribution centres in China, Finland, Czech Republic and Dubai and South Africa. Canyon appeals to a young, fun loving target group. The brand tagline is: Create. Perform. Explore. Enjoy. Its aim is to inspire our consumers to live a fulfilling life.

STS is Canyon’s sole distribution and services partner for Sub-Saharan Africa