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Veritas Technologies has become the gold standard of international data protection. Its industry-leading solutions enable businesses and organisations of all sizes and complexities to secure and harness the power of their data.

STS is the first partner in South Africa to achieve Veritas platinum partner status and through its strategic alliance provides back-up, recovery and archiving solutions to South African businesses.

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Veritas Technologies empowers businesses to unlock the power of their information – their most valuable commodity. Its proven, modern and integrated technology provides protection, availability and insight throughout the lifespan and movement of data.

Tried and trusted

An impressive 99% of Fortune 100 companies rely on Veritas data protection solutions to secure their data and maintain a competitive advantage.

Veritas data solutions

Veritas Technologies provides a comprehensive approach to multi-cloud data management, protection and availability.


Shield your data from internal and external threat with tailored back-up solutions.


Adhere to the highest standards of legislative compliance with intuitive data archive solutions.


Have the flexibility to scale your capacity without vendor lock-in as your data storage needs change.

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