Tips to plan your hybrid cloud migration

Hybrid cloud is the next generation of computing power. How do you ensure your business gains its benefits?   “Hybrid cloud is very powerful and can deliver fantastic long term value and strategic control.”   Why should your organisation start using cloud services and infrastructure? Why is hybrid cloud the preferred model to use? And […]

Is your data storage causing analytics bottlenecks?

Better business intelligence is one of the digital era’s opportunities we want to harness. Historical data can reveal trends, machine data can help improve planning and costs, and customer data can generate leads and reduce churn. Executives and managers can access digital analytics through dashboards, even if they don’t have any data skills. Digital analytics […]

Tackling cloud migration’s biggest challenges

Your organisation already relies on cloud services: if you use Office365, Google Workspace, Slack, SalesForce, LinkedIn. Click Up, Calendly or any of the many thousands of online business services and apps, you are using the cloud. And there are even bigger opportunities to get more from today’s digital technologies.  Organisations rely on servers to manage […]

Four trends that will influence data in 2024

The data era is in full swing, yet it’s only getting started. Every year brings new developments to the data space. In 2023, AI and cybercrime raised data’s profile and spread the importance of managing this crucial asset. What can we anticipate from the data market next year? Sithabile Technology Services, a data and cloud […]

The Secret Behind Successful Cloud Migration? Planning and Partners

Moving to the cloud is inevitable. The right partner and plan make it achievable. Modern businesses know it’s worthwhile migrating to cloud technologies. The benefits are clear, and they grow over time. Yet many companies still have not made the change, and for good reason. Cloud migration can create many new risks. None of these […]

What is data encryption?

A quick primer into the technology that forms the bedrock of data security. Keeping information from unauthorised eyes is a practice as old as recording information. Regents would add their seal into wax to stop snoops from reading orders. Warring nations spend great expense and effort to break the codes of their opponents. And in […]

Why backup SaaS application data?

South African organisations spend $1 billion annually on SaaS or Software-as-a-Service, conveniently bringing many productive applications into their operations at affordable rates and with flexible access. Yet, for all the benefits of SaaS, businesses overlook a crucial responsibility: data backups.  No, your SaaS provider is not responsible for backing up your data. This revelation might […]

Where do backups belong: in the cloud or on your premises?

Give a nod to marketers. When it comes to the cloud, they have helped shape how we think of this technology, almost as a magic solution to any server or data hosting scenario. Of course, the cloud often delivers on such claims. In many cases, it does provide a better alternative to traditional systems.  But […]

What is the 3-2-1 Rule (and does it matter to your business data)?

Bad things happen. One day, that file you worked on is fine. The next, it’s gone—lost in a hard drive failure or perhaps a stolen device. Maybe the version you worked on has corrupted, and you need to recover an earlier file. Someone might have deleted the file, removing it from your systems forever. Data […]

Managing data when work happens anywhere

Work no longer has to happen at the office. People can be productive even if they are far away from their desks. The ability to work remotely is overtaking traditional perks such as a nice canteen or casual Fridays. A 2022 Gallup survey supports this change, revealing that the majority of 13,085 U.S. employees listed […]