Where do backups belong: in the cloud or on your premises?

Give a nod to marketers. When it comes to the cloud, they have helped shape how we think of this technology, almost as a magic solution to any server or data hosting scenario. Of course, the cloud often delivers on such claims. In many cases, it does provide a better alternative to traditional systems.  But […]

What is the 3-2-1 Rule (and does it matter to your business data)?

Bad things happen. One day, that file you worked on is fine. The next, it’s gone—lost in a hard drive failure or perhaps a stolen device. Maybe the version you worked on has corrupted, and you need to recover an earlier file. Someone might have deleted the file, removing it from your systems forever. Data […]

Managing data when work happens anywhere

Work no longer has to happen at the office. People can be productive even if they are far away from their desks. The ability to work remotely is overtaking traditional perks such as a nice canteen or casual Fridays. A 2022 Gallup survey supports this change, revealing that the majority of 13,085 U.S. employees listed […]

Plan to use AI? Get your data ready

The age of artificial intelligence is here. Many organisations leverage AI for planning and reporting functions such as business intelligence. Yet those examples often happened in the background, invisible to the average user, and AI grew stealthily. Then ChatGPT arrived and changed everything. “ChatGPT and similar software bring something very big to the table,” says […]

Can data deduplication save you money?

The inefficiencies of duplicated data can drag down business performance and budgets. Clutter is a very human phenomenon. Some animals hoard things, but none compare to us homo sapiens. We gather and stockpile, collecting objects that take up space in our homes without always adding much to our lives. Still, rather have it and not […]

Explained: Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity vs Data Loss Prevention

Johannesburg, 6 June 2023; In mid-May, the Western Cape Parliament’s technology systems went offline after a cyberattack. While this event was undoubtedly bad for productivity, they could at least recover from the attack thanks to data backups, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans. Every business must have such measures in place, says Jim Morrison, Account […]

The pros and cons of storing data in the cloud

Storing data in the cloud is generally smart, and many organisations are already doing so, often without realising it. Enormous amounts of information reside in cloud-powered services such as Office365, Google Workspace, Dropbox, OneDrive, Slack… if a business uses some type of Software-as-a-Service product, some of its data is already in cloud storage. But that […]

Every business can protect its data from loadshedding

When the lights go out, businesses worry about productivity, downtime and the risk of damage to their equipment. What they consider less often is what might happen to their data. Yet data is one of the most vulnerable business assets during a power failure.   Power failures and loadshedding can destroy business data. Fortunately, companies […]

Q&A: Encouraging Teams in the Hybrid Workforce

Much has changed in the past few years, especially in workplaces. It’s harder to build cohesive teams and positive company cultures. But while we might seem further apart, our offices have a chance to become more human.   Liz Borges, Sithabile Technology Services’ Account Director and General Manager of Strategics, explains how she adapts to […]