3 reasons cloud backup is the key to digital transformation
The road to digital transformation can be long and winding, but cloud backup can help you clear the way ahead for maximum efficiency.
Weighing up the pros and cons of off-the-shelf vs custom data solutions
Choosing between an off-the-shelf or custom data solution for your business can be tricky. Our list of pros and cons will help to guide you.
Sithabile awarded Africa’s Most Significant Project of the Year by Veeam
This award distinguishes Sithabile for identifying, managing and successfully closing the largest project in Africa in 2019.
What does it mean to be vendor agnostic?
A technology partner that can offer a combination of the best solutions is a big advantage.
Red flags raised over exposed data during lockdown
Many businesses introduced remote work and sent their employees home in response to the coronavirus pandemic, The problem? One of a business’s biggest risks when it comes to data breaches is its own people.
Which data storage option is best for you?
Not all data storage environments are created equal – and it’s important for you to know all your options before you choose.
7 must-know stats for post-pandemic data resiliency
Businesses will still be facing uncertain times ahead as we navigate through the different lockdown alert levels.
What is data sprawl?
Big data is becoming huge data and is burying IT in governance headaches and compliance risk.
Best practices for airtight password security
Passwords are like underwear, so goes the old joke. You should change them regularly, never leave them out where people can see them and never share them with a friend.

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