3 reasons cloud backup is the key to digital transformation

The road to digital transformation can be long and winding, but cloud backup can help you clear the way ahead for maximum efficiency.
16 September 2020 Justin Bohler

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of digitally transforming your business lately, you’re not alone. In a Tech Pro Research survey, 70% of the business leaders surveyed said that their businesses already had a digital transformation initiative under way or were planning on starting one. Digital transformation is the price of admission to the future of business – and you’d be remiss to let your business lag.

We can’t let that happen. That’s why we recommend that you start with a comprehensive cloud back-up solution as a precursor to your digital transformation strategy. Cloud backup adds a layer of protection to your data which is key when you’re moving towards digital. Let’s count down the reasons why:

1. You’re always recovery-ready

The ability to bounce back from a data disaster is a crucial fail-safe for businesses that are in the process of digital transformation. An impressive 96% of businesses with cloud backup and disaster recovery plans are able to restore operations after a data disaster – and your business can be part of that percentage. Downtime can be costly and you need every advantage you can get to stay data-resilient enough to continue with high-priority work in the event of a disaster. STS partners with global industry-leading providers of cloud backup and data protection infrastructure which is why we can guarantee the confidence to pursue digital transformation with peace of mind.

2. Remote work is easier

Covid-19 has forced businesses across many sectors to adapt to employees working from home almost overnight. This presents a new set of challenges for businesses that are on the road to digital transformation. How do you ensure that everyone has access to all the data they need all the time? What does downtime look like when your workforce is scattered across multiple locations? How do you protect your network’s increased surface area from intrusions?

As a digital-first business, we understand what it takes to enable a fully remote team and we can provide the enterprise-level cloud backup that you can count on. Enterprises are having a tough time supporting their larger workforces and our expertise can provide the failover infrastructure to mitigate downtime and lost productivity. Your employees can continue to work at their peak wherever they are with our cloud back-up solution in your back pocket.

3. Your business stays flexible

Another consequence of the pandemic is the increasing uncertainty facing small businesses. Some have collapsed under the economic pressure while others have sought opportunities to pivot and adapt. Therein lies the beauty of cloud backup – it’s quick to deploy, built for easy scalability and accommodates a diverse range of uses.

Imagine adapting your High Street business to an e-commerce venture and all the data protection implications that this involves. Our cloud backup gives your business the flexibility to scale with ease or change direction without a data hitch. It is this kind of agility that will reinforce your digital transformation and prepare your business for the next curve ball that life throws at it.

If you’re ready to transform your business with backup in the cloud, add our cloud back-up solution to your enquiry basket and one of our highly qualified data protection experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Why every business needs data backup
Why every business needs data backup

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