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One of the biggest takeouts from 2020 is that you never know what could happen and we need to prepare ourselves for the unexpected.
27 January 2021 Kenny Thiart

One of the biggest takeouts from 2020 is that you never know what could happen and we need to prepare ourselves for the unexpected. Sooner or later, something could go wrong to affect your customers’ ability to access your products or services. Business continuity will minimise the impact of unplanned disruptions and help you to avoid damage to your business or reputation.

Put a Plan B in place

Whether it’s a natural disaster, cybercrime or services going offline, it’s crucial to ensure that your company’s operations aren’t taken out by an unplanned disaster. When you acquire business continuity solutions, you put a plan in place to keep critical business functions running seamlessly to deliver your core business services and mitigate risk.

Business continuity overview

If business continuity means getting critical business functions running after an unexpected disruption, you might be wondering what kinds of events might necessitate it. Here are some of the threats that we can help you prepare for:

  • When systems go down, or data is compromised. It’s bad enough when your network goes down and your business can’t function, but if there is a security breach there could be devastating repercussions for you and your clients.
  • When you can’t access your resources. The pandemic has shown what can happen when it is impossible for employees to work from the office. But other unexpected events might be as disruptive, or even more devastating, to your operations, for example, a fire, chemical spill or protest situation.

Fortunately, our solutions are designed to minimise the impact of unplanned disruptions:

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is the automated provision and management of a complete failover strategy for your physical or virtual IT infrastructure. We provide a failover service in the event of a man-made or natural calamity. This service essentially gives you a new infrastructure in the cloud and keeps your critical applications available. It is the ultimate failover plan for any business that can't afford to lose its data or to become inoperable even for a few minutes. That’s what makes this service so valuable – having this contingency in place ensures that businesses can continue to function during a disaster. If something should go wrong, you can rest assured that your business can bounce back with our DRaaS in place.

High Availability configuration involves identifying all the interdependent services of a system that is responsible for a cohesive business application and ensuring it is kept online even when various component failures occur, or when it is put under undue stress. To build a highly resilient system, you need to cater for the failure of a component at any point of the technology stack. A seemingly insignificant technology component could fail in your data centre. Whether you host your applications in the cloud or on a physical machine, they are compiled using a complex set of closely integrated services, hardware components and human touchpoints. Unfortunately, component failures like these are unavoidable. STS specialises in architecting application systems to provide complete redundancy.

Find out more about the ins and outs of DRaas by STS and find the perfect package for your business’s needs. Or get in touch with us for more info.

Disaster Recovery as a Solution
Disaster Recovery as a Solution

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