Cybersecurity: Too small to be hacked? Think again

Small business owners have a lot on their plate. With economic uncertainty and many other challenges, including competition from big corporations, cybercrime is most likely not top of their minds. The unfortunate truth is that small businesses are often the most at risk of suffering a devastating attack or data loss.
06 April 2020 Michael Holtzhausen

Small business, big risk

The biggest mistake you can make is adopting an “It won’t happen to me” approach to cybersecurity. Along with compromising your personal data, you risk alienating your new customers or clients – no one wants to do business with the company that loses people’s information.

A staggering 43% of cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses, according to the US telco giant Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report. SMEs are considered a low-risk and high-reward target for cybercriminals as they often don’t have the appropriate defences to fend off an attack. Businesses that do take cybersecurity into account often lack the skills and budget to implement a robust data protection and disaster recovery plan. They also often look for a single product or one-size-fits-all solution. But these are insufficient security measures.

The threats

With all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into bringing your business to life, you want to give it every chance to succeed. Understandably, small businesses overlook many of the critical security systems required to protect them from a crippling data breach. And it doesn’t help that cybercriminals are becoming smarter and sharpening their attack techniques. Here are some of the biggest threats to small businesses:

  • Phishing attacks: Phishing attacks are the biggest and most common threat to small businesses and comprise almost 90% of cyber breaches that companies face. Phishing occurs when the attacker pretends to be someone that you know and tricks you into clicking on or downloading malicious content, or into giving them your personal information and account details.
  • Malware attacks: Malware is the second-most significant threat to small businesses, and these types of attacks are also becoming more complex and harder to detect. Malware consists of a number of different threats like Trojans and viruses and is a method that cybercriminals use to gain access to networks and devices to steal or destroy data. Malware attacks are especially dangerous for small businesses as infected devices have to be repaired or replaced entirely.
  • Weak passwords: Password strength is a significant weakness for individuals and in businesses. Small businesses often rely on various cloud-based apps and software that all require different login details. It’s tempting just to duplicate credentials and unfortunately, many employees do this which gives hackers multiple access points to wreak havoc.
  • Human error: Did you know that human error is still the leading cause of data loss and network vulnerability? Many employees unknowingly carry out actions that place your entire business at risk. It takes only one click on a malicious email or one infected download to crash your system. It is crucial to provide cybersecurity training to staff and update them on the latest cyberthreats.

Tailored SME data protection

You never have to go it alone when you partner with STS to secure your precious data. We work alongside you to understand the needs of your business and your industry. We know that the size and stage of growth of your organisation plays an integral role in the type of backup and protection you require. That’s why we tailor our solutions to give you exactly what you need when you need it.

Going through a growth spurt? No problem! Our solutions scale right alongside your business to give you ultimate peace of mind that your business-critical data is secure. Find out more about our data back-up and protection solutions for your small business.

Secure your business with our edge-to-core services
Secure your business with our edge-to-core services

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