Everything you need to know about data protection and management

Knowledge is power – that’s why we believe that understanding the importance of a comprehensive data management and protection plan is half the battle won in safeguarding your business.
28 October 2020 Michael Holtzhausen

When last did you think about your business data? Well, you do it more often than you think. Everything in your business consists of data – from your sales documents, staff and customer payment information to the data needed to run internal operations.

Sadly, the management and protection of critical business information isn’t always top of mind. But it should be. Inadequate data management and protection systems leave your organisation vulnerable to human error, data loss and external threats.

We care about your business and don't want this to happen to you. Knowledge is power – that’s why we believe that understanding the importance of a comprehensive data management and protection plan is half the battle won in safeguarding your business.

What is data management?

How much data runs through your business? It’s a lot more than you think. Correctly managing and storing your data according to importance is necessary to operate efficiently.

Data management entails the infrastructure, software and cooperation between the two systems to organise, store and host your business data effectively. This includes all your operational and client data, staff details and emails – in fact, pretty much any information circulating in your business. The main goal of data management is to support your employees, the organisation and connected devices to ensure that everyone has access to information to carry out their tasks efficiently.

What is data protection?

Imagine losing just a fraction of your data? Now that’s unthinkable! The amount of data that your business creates daily continues to grow – this means that any downtime could have a catastrophic effect on your productivity.

Data protection offers a fail-safe for all your critical business information in the event of human error, external threats or accidental data loss. Data protection systems combine the technology – hardware and software – that shield your data from any calamities. You also need measures to ensure that you can recover lost data after a catastrophe.

Data management and protection solutions

A comprehensive data protection and management plan is rooted in robust technology solutions. Here are the various available data storage and back-up solutions and how they will help you to manage and secure your data:

  • Cloud backup: Shields your data from any threats based on the critical issues in your organisation.
  • Software-defined data storage: Provides the flexibility to scale your capacity as your data storage needs change.
  • Data archiving: Archive non-critical information to remain compliant while lowering storage costs and freeing up capacity.
  • Disaster recovery: Securely backs up your critical data and ensures that your applications and software are up and running as soon as possible.
  • High availability: Ensures that all your applications continue running in the event of a data centre failure to ensure you’re never offline.
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure: Increases your data performance and productivity to scale alongside your business and reduce costs.

Specialist data management and protection

STS provides all the above solutions as part of our edge-to-core approach. We provide a single point of contact with access to all the tools you need to secure, manage and store your data. Our data storage and back-up solutions leverage and integrate industry-leading hardware and software technologies to build efficient, secure and compliant data networks for your business.

Download our edge-to-core services brochure to learn how our all-in-one approach to data storage and back-up solutions will help to secure your business data.

Secure your business with our edge-to-core services
Secure your business with our edge-to-core services

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