Secure your data in uncertain times

The Coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world into doubt and uncertainty, and many businesses are facing serious service disruptions and possibly even downtime as a result.
23 March 2020 Michael Holtzhausen

When you’re trying to operate and function normally in times of crisis, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball when it comes to data storage and security. And unfortunately, this is when we can expect to see an increase in internal and external threats to your data and disruptions to business continuity.

While you’re trying to find a way to navigate your business through the global Covid-19 pandemic, take a look at our suggestions to help you secure your data.

Remote working

Businesses that are able to, are allowing their employees to work remotely to protect themselves and those around them. During this time, staff are more likely to connect to unfamiliar, non-secure Wi-Fi hotspots and public networks which makes company data vulnerable to cybercrime.

A virtual private network creates an additional protective barrier between users of potentially unsafe networks and your business. Your employees have to sign in if they’re accessing company assets from a public network, allowing you to encrypt internet traffic and detect any potential threats.

Disaster planning

Threats to companies increase in intensity and frequency over periods when many businesses face disruptions. Criminal activity, especially cybercrime, take advantage of your vulnerabilities – and it’s during these times that cyber response and contingency plans come under scrutiny. Inadequate disaster planning can impact your business’s continuity and seriously damage your operations.

By implementing secure firewalls, intrusion detection systems and anti-malware software, you increase your ability to identify, contain and eliminate network breaches. In addition to these barriers, a robust response plan should also include a sound understanding of your risk, education of your remote and on-site staff, proactive monitoring of your network and staying up to date with the latest threats.

Fail-safe your data

Your data storage shouldn’t take a break just because you do. In the unfortunate event of a disaster or a hack, you want peace of mind knowing that you can recover from it. Downtime can be catastrophic for any operation, especially for organisations that require 100% uptime.

High-availability solutions are the best preventive measure you can employ to fail-safe your data. It eliminates single points of failure by creating an alternative path for your data if one component fails. This protects you against data loss and ensures that you always have access to your current data.

Your partner in always-on data

At STS, we know that your data is everything and that it becomes harder to focus all your attention on it with our current global crisis. That’s why we have taken every step to ensure we secure your data with world-class data storage and protection solutions.

Lean on our business continuity capabilities while you work to ensure that your business remains operational. STS consults on each organisation’s unique environment and application landscape to identify areas in your business where you’re most at risk of downtime or data loss. We then tailor solutions to create specific mitigation strategies for each application and business requirement.

Find out how our high-availability solution will ensure that all your applications continue running throughout these uncertain times.

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is a global health crisis that requires us all to work together to fight it. The South African government, in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO), would like you to use only the official site for information on the prevention, spread and treatment of this virus.

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