The business case for enterprise email archiving

Enterprise email archiving is the essential business tool that not enough decision-makers are thinking about.
25 November 2020 Tristan Davies

Email is the centre of an enterprise’s intelligence. As much as 75% of your company’s information and intellectual property is stored exclusively in email. The number of emails we transmit is astronomical – more than 300 billion globally according to the technology market research firm, The Radicati Group.

Despite this, we’re still not seeing enough enterprises taking their email seriously and leveraging email archiving. So we’ve compiled an airtight business case for email archiving once and for all. By the time you’re done reading this, it will be evident that enterprise email archiving is essential and valuable for all organisations.

A backup for your backup

Think of your enterprise’s email archive like your mail data’s long-term memory. It’s an exhaustive store of all your company’s emails starting at a particular point in time until the present. Email archives can hold decades’ worth of emails and new emails don’t replace old ones. They can be read, but they can’t be edited or deleted. This makes your archive an accurate and incorruptible record of your enterprise’s email correspondence.

Secure, vast and highly searchable

So how will email archiving add value to your enterprise? The benefits of having an automatic, comprehensive and secure email archive grow daily and are unique to each company, but every organisation can look forward to the following:

  1. Improved mail server performance. Less in-person correspondence is happening while people work from home and that’s exploding the volume of emails your staff is sending and slowing down your mail server. Email archiving frees up your primary mail server so you can continue to communicate efficiently.
  2. Full compliance. Organisations in the legal, financial and healthcare sectors are legally obliged to keep records for specified periods. A failure to comply involves financial penalties and reputational damage.
  3. Optimised knowledge management. Enterprise email archiving makes every email you send indexable for quick search and retrieval. This means you and your team have immediate access to business-critical information to do their jobs. And you control who sees what.
  4. Faster eDiscovery. eDiscovery requests are time-sensitive and email archiving can help you organise and tag important emails for third-party legal professionals to find easily.
  5. Better disaster recovery and business continuity. A comprehensive, up-to-date and incorruptible store of your email data empowers you to bounce back quickly from data disasters and keep business going.
  6. Secure intellectual property. Your enterprise holds trade secrets that are only valuable if they aren’t lost or leaked – and many of them can be found in your email history. A secure email archive allows you to protect one of the most valuable assets your company has – information.

Where it gets a little complicated

A quick search for email archiving solutions will reveal that they are a dime a dozen, but they’re not created equal. Compatibility issues can arise between your email client and your archiving solution provider’s system, ingestion of existing emails isn’t always built into an email archiving solution, and security practices can vary across the board. Some providers offer cloud archives while others provide on-premises or both. It’s not just about setting up your enterprise with an email archiving system, but also about choosing the right provider. The smartest decision is to choose a provider with the skill and infrastructure to assess your organisation and recommend the best archiving strategy.

The STS archiving advantage

Our archiving solution guarantees your enterprise a secure and highly optimised storage environment for your email data. We partner with global industry leaders so we can offer the most advanced infrastructure on the market. By aligning with Sithabile, you can rest assured that your email data archive is 100% compliant with the latest and most stringent standards. With rapid ingestion, maximum redundancy and a tamper-proof guarantee, you can rest assured that your historical email data is in excellent hands with STS.

Add our archiving solution to your inquiry basket today to get started.

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The business case for enterprise email archiving
Enterprise email archiving is the essential business tool that not enough decision-makers are thinking about.