Top data back-up tech trends for 2021

Disruptions can happen at any time. Ensure that your IT department is ready for any emergency with these top data back-up tech trends.
14 May 2021 Michael Holtzhausen

The more that data flows through your business the more difficult it becomes to protect it from being corrupted, hacked or lost. There is now more pressure than ever on IT managers to create sustainable, safe data environments with the new challenges brought on by the global pandemic and an increasingly remote workforce.

According to a Security Magazine article published on World Backup Day 2021 on 31 March, IT leaders in the UK and US reported a 43% increase in data outages, a 40% increase in human error data tampering, a 28% increase in phishing, a 25% increase in malware and an 18% increase in ransomware attacks since the beginning of Covid-19.

Keeping abreast of the latest threats and trends in the data back-up industry is the best way to ensure data security. Outdated data back-up practices create a weak point for attackers so it's critical to identify and implement new approaches to holistic data management. The following data back-up tech trends will help your department to remain vigilant against the latest threats.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Last year proved how disruptions can affect business operations – it drove IT departments to find reliable data access and storage solutions to support remote work. Enterprises and SMEs turned to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to help them address the pressures of a mixed workforce and a geographically dispersed data environment. The Global Disaster DRaaS Market Report predicts that the DRaaS market will grow by almost $28 billion between 2020 to 2024.

DRaaS helps to ease the pressure of disaster recovery planning by leaning on a third-party provider's cloud-computing infrastructure, expertise and comprehensive data protection to recover any lost data in the event of a disaster. Automated failover minimises IT downtime and disruptions to ensure that your production environments are safe without adding additional pressure on the budget.

Storage automation

Along with third-party disaster recovery, businesses also need to be more reliant on automation to help manage their data environments. A massive skills and resource gap is emerging in companies with the number of IT departments that are being downsized. Data management automation helps to address this desperate need for technical resources by automatically transferring data to external storage devices.

Organisations can ensure substantial cost savings on hiring more IT personnel to facilitate a manual back-up process. The automation of data management, especially when it’s combined with data backup and recovery, also ensures that the transition process is error-free and secure from human error. Insightful reporting provided by automated back-up solutions also provides an overview of whether the backup was successful to ensure that no critical business files get lost.

Multi-cloud storage

More businesses invest heavily in cloud storage as a back-up solution due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness – a significant consideration when re-evaluating your data management in the current global climate. According to IDG's 2020 Cloud Computing Study, 66% of enterprises and 47% of SMEs currently use a mixed cloud environment for their data storage.

A multi-cloud environment has, well, a multitude of benefits for your data management. By distributing our information resources across platforms, you lower the risk of encountering a distributed denial-of-service attack. A successful hack attempt can cripple all operations and result in a significant loss if you store all your data in one cloud.

Besides ensuring high availability, multi-cloud backups also offer data redundancy that helps to eliminate a single point of failure and minimises disruptions. A multi-cloud environment is now in higher demand than ever with the multitude of solutions and providers that are available. Ensure you partner with a provider that offers scalable back-up solutions to protect your data across private, public and hybrid clouds.

Flash storage

Flash storage is a tech trend that you need to keep a close eye on. The compact storage solution ensures lightning-fast recovery that significantly decreases your downtime in the event of a hack or disaster. You will also save considerably on your electricity bill as flash storage uses much less energy than hard drives that have to spin storage disks. Flash also enables data storage at much higher capacities and lower costs. Read our blog on how we've utilised the power of flash storage to create the world's first amplified deduplication solution.

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Why every business needs data backup
Why every business needs data backup

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