What does it mean to be vendor agnostic?

A technology partner that can offer a combination of the best solutions is a big advantage.
19 August 2020 Michael Holtzhausen

It’s an inescapable reality that technology vendors have areas of strength and of weakness. Being bound to a single vendor is limiting, but using multiple vendors can become complicated. That’s why a vendor-agnostic provider is essential to manage the complexity for you by giving you the best technologies available without the hassle.

The right to be choosy

Consider car manufacturers – brands that are famous for speed and high performance won’t necessarily be your first choice for a safe family car or a 4x4. Having an area of specialisation is what makes them especially good at what they do best, but it’s unrealistic to expect any manufacturer to be exceptional across every sector.

Likewise, in the world of technology, no one vendor is the best at everything. So when you’re beholden to a single vendor, you’re locked into whatever they have to offer and nothing more. If their product lacks a feature that others have, you simply can’t have it.

We take a different approach. We want our clients to have the best of every available option to ensure that they get exactly the right data management solution for the workload they have to cater for. And a large enterprise might require four or five different vendors for a complete solution to be truly optimal.

A partner to keep it simple

But complications arise when it comes to managing multiple vendors – if you go it alone. Using five different vendors means you need five different certifications among your team and expertise across all five technologies. You would also need five different sets of infrastructure to house them, and you’ll have five separate points of contact to deal with.

We’ve got all that covered. You can leverage our certifications and expertise by letting us manage the solution for you. We provide a central management console and our cloud solutions ensure that infrastructure requirements are met with a consolidated cloud platform.

Our alliances

It’s through our industry-leading technology partners that we can deliver world-class data storage and protection solutions. We enjoy a close relationship with:

With a vendor-agnostic technology partner, you can avoid the legwork to source the best data management solutions for your needs. You simply sit back and enjoy all the strengths offered by these industry leaders in a single service. To find out how they can strengthen your business, contact STS.

Outsourcing your data storage with Veritas
Outsourcing your data storage with Veritas

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